Undeniable Global Heating Facts

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Global warming is something we were taught to be afraid of, but we never actually took it seriously and we never realized the impact our actions have on the environment. However, global heating is happening right now and the following facts are proof of it.

  • An alarming sign of global heating is the rising of the sea level about 6.7 inches in the last century, with a very high increase in just the last decade. This increase the dangers of catastrophic floods that could destroy many settlements near seas.
  • The temperatures around the globe have increased significantly lately, mostly since the 1970s and the last 20 years have been the warmest in history. These temperature increments influence the melting of ice in very cold areas on Earth, which leads to devastating catastrophes. Areas where the temperatures were usually extremely low, have suffered a warming that endangers the environment and the natural habitat of many living beings.
  • Not only the seas have become larger, but the water in the oceans has also become warmer during the past 50 years. Studies have shown that the oceans show a 0.3 degree Fahrenheit higher temperature at the top 700 meters. This is alarming regarding the animals living in the oceans.
  • The latest data from important climate research institutions such as NASA show that the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have decreased severely over the past years. In Greenland, the losses reached up to 250 cubic kilometers of ice per year until the year 2006 while in Antarctica there were about 150 cubic kilometers of ice lost until 2005.
  • The Arctic sea has suffered major changes in thickness and extent over the last decades and many glaciers are retreating in many places around the world. Alarming signs have been discovered in Alaska, Africa, the Alps, the Rockies, and the Himalayas.
  • There were many alarming extreme events going on around the world, especially in the US. During the past years, the numbers of high-temperature record have gone up while the low-temperature records have decreased. Also, many intense rainfalls have been recorded in the United States since 1950.
  • The acidity of ocean waters has increased by 30 percent due to humans emitting high amounts of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. These emissions have been absorbed into the oceans, thus causing the water to become extremely acidic. The total amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the ocean waters every year has been increased by 2 billion tons.