Two things to put in your suitcase when you travel for business

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Travelling for business reasons is a common thing when it comes to modern employees of a smaller or larger company. But, due to the fact that in most of the cases, they have to travel for closing a deal or for negotiating something, there are some things that they have to bear in mind. One of the most important is related to their suitcase. Believe it or not, the things that you put in your suitcase are more important than you imagine. Here are the most important details that you should not take into consideration.

You need your customised rubber stamps

If you live in Singapore, you probably know how important these stamps are. There are many businessmen who say that they are like a signature for your company. You can use them for your documents. On the other hand, the customised rubber stamps include other important attributes. They are a good option for those who want to protect their documents and to distinguish them from those which are false. Also, there are people who say that this is a matter of trust. When you travel for closing a deal, you have to pay attention to every single detail. And so do your partners. If they notice your personalised stamps, they will have the tendency to trust you more.


But, if you do not have your self-inking rubber stamps, you should click here Why is this company such a good option? First of all, their stamps are refillable. Wat is more, they are some waterproof accessories and their users have the possibility to choose from a wide collection of ink colours. But, we recommend blue or black because they look more professional. 

Business cards – also an important detail

While you are on your business trip, there is a high probability of meeting new people. This is a good thing because you will have the chance to find new partners who can be reliable. But, in order to make sure that you will keep in touch with them, you will have to use business cards. Offer them these small pieces of paper and ask them to contact you anytime they want. However, do not forget to ask for their business cards too. What is more, the business cards are also a good sign of professionalism. Even if everybody uses mobile phones, laptops, pads and other similar devices, business cards are still a good way of communication.