Tips to turn your home into a pet paradise

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As all pet owners already know, your pet is part of your family. Whether you have a dog, cat, gerbil, iguana, bird or any other animal species as a pet, you want to make sure they feel loved every day. When it comes to expressing your love for your pet, what better way to do it than ensuring a safe and comfortable environment where they can play and have fun all day long?

Not all houses have pet-friendly features from the get-go, so if you want to turn your home into a pet paradise, these tips might come in handy. 

Make sure they have enough space

One of the most important factors to consider when creating a pet-friendly home is the space you have at your disposal. No pet can be happy if he’s confined in a tight space, without enough room to move around and explore. That can lead to depression and other issues that can severely affect the health of your pet. So, make sure your pet has enough space to move and stay active, especially if you’re not around all the time to keep him company.

Keep them entertained

Apart from affection, regular visits to the veterinær and a nice and cozy environment to live in, animals also need a bit of entertainment in their lives. Pets, just like humans, love to have fun. If you don’t pay attention to their entertainment needs, you risk turning your furry friend into a very misbehaving pet. No one wants to come home and find all the furniture and carpets destroyed by a dog suffering from ennui. Since you can’t play with them all day long, you must give your pets the appropriate toys or create entertainment areas where they can have fun and play when you’re not around or when you’re busy. For example, cats love scratching posts, roller toys or soft tunnels, while dogs appreciate chew toys that rattle and squeak.

Focus on safety

But creating a pet-friendly environment isn’t all fun and games. A house can present numerous health and safety hazards for our four-legged buddies that we might not even be aware of. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to inspect every corner of your home and make sure there aren’t any potential safety-risks for your pet. The best way to do that is to get on all fours and explore the space from their perspective. Make sure you remove all harmful objects and elements such as electrical cords, medications, cleaning products, human food etc.

Use your outdoor space

If you have an outdoor space like a garden or a backyard, you and your pet are extremely lucky. But if you want to avoid frequent trips to dyreklinikk and ensure the safety of your pet, you should first make sure your outdoor space is completely secure. Check to see if your garden has a strong and sturdy fence, so your pet won’t run out on the streets unsupervised and remove poisonous plants from the perimeter. Also, provide access to fresh water and build a shelter in case the weather turns bad.