The Environmental Impact of the Meat Industry

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Our planet is very fragile and we have to take care of it. While there are a lot of people and industries that affect our beloved Earth, there are a lot of people who fight to keep the planet safe as well. One of the biggest enemies of our planet is the meat industry. If you aren’t aware of the environmental impact of the meat industry, you have to read the following lines to better inform yourself on the matter.


According to a research that was done by E.P.A., the animals that are raised for food in the U.S. produce a lot more excrements than the human population of the country. The problem is that there are no animal sewage processing plants, therefore, the excrements are stored in waste “lagoons” or they get sprayed over fields. Another disturbing fact about the meat industry’s damaging effect on the environment is that a lot of factory farms manage to dodge water pollution limits by harming the people. They do this by spraying liquid manure into the air. The mists that get created due to the liquid manure get carried away by the wind. The problem is that the toxic mists end up polluting the air and resources of people who live near these factories.

Land consumption

Did you know that in the U.S. alone around 56 million acres of land are used to grow food for animals that will be sacrificed in meat factories? Were you informed that only 4 million acres of land are used to grow plants for human use? These numbers alone should convince you to stop eating meat and to participate in the fight against the meat industry. Instead of growing plants for us to eat directly, we occupy most of our land with food for animals that we will later eat. It is extremely inefficient and a true waste of space and resources.

Water use

As with land consumption, water consumption for the sake of the meat industry is at absurd levels. A lot of water gets wasted to grow the crops for animals to eat, to give water to the animals and to clean the filthy meat factories. Statistics show that 2400 gallons of water get wasted on producing 1 pound of beef. One the other hand, 1 pound of tofu requires only 244 gallons of water.


The meat industry is doing nothing more than destroying the fabric of our planet and our health along with it. If you want to help in the fight against the meat industry and to lead a healthier life yourself, turn to a vegan diet. After only a month of keeping a vegan diet, you will notice major improvements in your health. Also, you will have peace of mind knowing that you helped the planet and the animals.