Some interesting features that a levitating speaker can have

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Many people love to know everything about what is new in the markets but you can enjoy a product only after you tested it at your own home. It is so satisfying to buy something and then be impatient to arrive home in order to install it and see how it works. Not only children love to do that, but the adults too. It is even more interesting when you buy something that no one of your close friends has because everybody will want to come to you and see what you have. Everyone should experience this childish joy when it is possible because it is one of the best feelings. If you have never heard about levitating speakers, it is the perfect time to want to try it. Om one is one of the most popular models that exists because it has many features.

Floating speakers have a brilliant design

It is not necessary to be a music lover in order to be impressed about these speakers because they are amazing in every situation. It is true that the main advantage is that it can make a melody sound better, but it can also be very special when it comes to how it looks. You can use it at home, as a decorative thing too because it is floating and it looks like a planet or a very strange object of an alien. Some of these speakers have many lights that can create an interesting atmosphere if you want to relax and you don’t know how. Kids will love them more than you because it can look like a toy for them and they will be very curious to know how it can levitate.

Choose levitating speakers if you prefer quality

You may think that little objects like these speakers can’t perform very well. In fact, their principal characteristic is that they can improve the audio quality of any song. You will be amazed when you will listen to it for the first time because thanks to the new technology of magnetic levitation, it sounds clearer than any other speaker that you have tried. It was meticulously created in order to please the eye and the ear at the same time. If you were curious, magnetic repulsion is the newest method that makes levitation possible.

Om one is a multifunctional speaker

Another advantage that this speaker has is that you can use it if you want to conduct phone conversation because it has a microphone inside. It is more comfortable and faster to use this function. Another big interesting feature is that it is portable and light which means that you can carry it everywhere without too much effort. If you choose to do that, you should know that you will have to skip the base because it has to be connected to a source of energy. Using bluetooth, the speaker can control the music from a considerable distance like 33 ft. away. Don’t forget to check the price before making any decision because you must afford it or you can also wait until it is on sale.