Sober living environment – why is it important in substance rehab

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People ask themselves what step they should follow after they complete their drug addiction treatment. The majority of people consider that the best way to prevent relapse is to come back home from the rehab centre and to get back to their previous life. But it is important for you to know that your home environment cannot be a healthy one for you, if it does not fit your sober life. There are circumstances that are out of your control. Maybe you are living with a roommate who drinks every weekend, or maybe you have a spouse who is addicted to substances. Or maybe you live alone and you do not benefit from someone’s support in the challenging moments you will have to face. The examples of environment from above can easily make you relapse after you come home from the rehab centre.

What is the role of the living environment in your recovery?

Relapse prevention is always influenced by environmental conditions. According to Johnny Tabaie stress cues connected to the exposure to drugs, places, people and certain experiences can make you relieve the moments when you were addicted to drugs and can become triggers. There are certain factors that influence the recovery of a person who recently broke drug addiction.

  • The state of your health is one of the most important factors that will influence the way you recover from your addiction. When you will leave the rehab centre Johnny the Healer together with other experts will inform you on the exercise, diet and abstinence choices you will have to make.


  • Another important factor in having a smooth recovery is to have a comfortable home where to live during the following period. If you will have to struggle to find a home, you will not be able to focus on maintaining your sobriety, and you can easily relapse.


  • In order for you to be able to maintain your sobriety, it is ideal to find a purpose to motivate you. For example, you can join an organisation that is looking for volunteers, in that way you will help people and they can support you in your efforts to stay away from substances. Also, you can spend your time with your loved ones, or you can find a job that motivates you to remain sober.


  • Healthy relationships are all you need in order to continue your recovery. If you do not have bad influences and you remove toxic people from your life, you have greater chances to continue to remain sober. It is important the people from your life to motivate, support and encourage you during the process. Living in a community that offers you support, will help you focus on the things you have to do in order to stay away from substances.

A healthy environment is everything you need during the recovery process. Make sure that there are no drugs and alcohol in your house, and you stay in touch only with the persons who support you and your clean lifestyle.