Smart ideas to transform your garden this season

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If you would be a garden designer you would know that true gardening is the bones of a garden, as it’s planting. If you read gardening magazines you probably know that few outdoor spaces look great without landscaping. The materials used, from decorative items to aggregates add texture, character and structure, and make the space more appealing to the eye.

The best time to upgrade your garden is in winter when the plants are dormant and you cannot harm them. But in the summer, you can understand how certain plants grow and figure out how to use the space. Sometimes you want to redesign your garden in the spring because you want to add some new flower beds.

No matter when you do it, redesigning an outdoor space is thrilling because it allows you to create a space where you relax when you come back from work. If you’re bored with simple gardens you can try a more colourful design.

If you have no idea where to start, here are some ideas.

Where do you find smart landscaping ideas?

All ideas start with research. So, when you don’t know what landskapsarkitekttjenester to use, you should check online resources to find out what homeowners recommend. Take inspiration from reading magazines, joining online forums, attention garden shows and visiting other people’s houses. Don’t forget to check your garden size before applying one of the ideas you like.

What elements should you consider when planning the design of the garden?

You should start with elements like the lawn, patio, paths, boundaries, walls, fences, hedges, zoning areas, landskapsarkitekt, water features, trees and lighting. The size and shape of the outdoor space are directly influencing the look of the garden. When you create a landscape, your goal is to achieve balance, so pay equal attention to all areas and remember that some flowers, trees, and shrubs change their shape and size throughout the year.

What landscaping materials should you use?

After you decide the design of the outdoor area you can look for materials. Most homeowners use bricks, block paving, decking, timber, sand, aggregates, concrete, render, mortar, and exterior paints for landskapsarkitektur.

Before ordering any of the above materials you should consider waste removal. Check your local laws and regulations and consult with the local council to find out what waste removal companies they prefer.

How much does it cost?

Your budget determines the extent of work you can undergo to your garden. You can redesign the space with no money or you can spend hundreds of dollars. If you don’t want to invest in garden redecoration, clean the area, prune overgrown shrubs and remove self-seeded trees. Clear the weeds from the flower beds and swap plants with your friends and neighbours.

If your budget allows you to spend some bucks on garden remodelling, do all the above and buy some new plants and accessories. Use soil moisture to support plants growth and use concrete slabs to give your garden a desired shape. If you want to spend more time in the garden consider installing a patio.