Simple Ways of Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

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If you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve the environment, what you should know is that it’s not entirely necessary to make drastic changes and completely change your lifestyle. Start with small action steps toward being greener and creating a better planet for your children. Here are some simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Choose to recycle

Recycling is the key word in this process. Although you might overlook this aspect when you’re cleaning your house and throwing garbage, waste selection is important. Bottles and any plastic containers must be separated from household waste. There are special devices in large shopping centers where you can go and recycle your household items. Although it may be tempting to throw away a damaged table, torn sofa or some cracked shelves try to fix the object instead of replacing it with a brand new one.

Use energy saving light bulbs instead of conventional lights

By using energy efficient light bulbs you can manage to save energy and pay less for every monthly energy bill. In addition, energy-saving bulbs are specifically designed to last longer, so the investment in LED lights or fluorescent light bulbs has some important advantages in the long run.

Unplug your electronics

Turn off the light if you don’t need it and unplug any cable phone, tablet or laptop when not needed. We’re talking about both small and large appliances such as the food processor, toaster, TV or clothes dryer. The amount of energy that you save is not that noticeable, but you will still be able to seem some long-term positive effects.

Do laundry more efficiently

Do not start your washing machine if you need to wash a small load of clothes. Avoid wasting energy and water! Instead use your washing machine or dryer at full capacity and when possible use eco-friendly features that allow the unit to use less water or electricity.

Use public transport

Leave your car in the garage and try to use public transport more often, or go with other friends at work in a single car. You can also use your bicycle for travelling short distances. A more efficient solution would be to walk whenever you can. The advantages? You can improve your health and feel more energized and ready to take over the day.

Filter your own water

Instead of buying bottled water which has a harmful effect on the environment, you can try to filter tap water at home by using a water filtration system. Your best solution would be to invest in a whole house water filter that will help you filter contaminants from all the water sources in your home.