Ribbon floral arrangements you can try

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Whether you are a florist and are looking for new ideas for your business, or you want to give your home a touch of colour and freshness, accessorising your floral arrangements with ribbon is something that you must try. When it comes to floristry ribbons UK, you will come across an extensive selection of beautiful styles, just by searching on the web. If you love creating new floral designs, you must be always looking for new ideas, so here are some you can try:

Spring inspired vase with tulips

Most of the times a simple design can be the perfect option. For spring floral arrangements, all you need is some beautiful tulips and a basic vase. Decorate the vase using pieces of ribbon in pastel colour tones – just glue the straps onto the vase, and you are done. This simple, yet beautiful idea will bring that spring vibe into your living or dining room.

Blooms of various sizes

Start your arrangement based on larger peonies and go on by adding flowers of smaller dimensions. Add different textures and flower varieties, and place them in a clear vase. Use small straps of pink or baby blue ribbon to tie the flowers together, and tie a piece around the clear vase as well. An arrangement with so much texture, and a dash of beautiful ribbon will certainly make a beautiful, eye catching decoration.

Hanger flower pots

Flower pots are a great decorative option for both your outdoor area and indoor one, but making the plants seem more appealing is not that easy. Add on the sides of the pot some grosgrain ribbon in a bright colour, and glue some small paper flowers on top as well. Even the dullest pot plant will seem much more beautiful after being decorated this way.

Teacup garden

Place some small roses in a flowery teacup, and tie each one with a slim piece of ribbon, creating a small bow, and place some green moss around the cup, on a round tray. Add a clear round bowl on top, and you will create a lovely teacup garden.

Regardless if you are a florist, or are just like having floral arrangements in your home, you will certainly like the way these ideas will turn out. Ribbon can make your floral arrangements much more colourful and attention drawing. You can come up with your own flower combinations, just make sure to add the right type of ribbon. You will find a vast selection of options just by searching on the internet, so try choosing high quality ribbons.