Printed t-shirts – why are they so popular?

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Whether you are passionate about fashion and you are up to date with the latest trends, or you are simply buying the clothes that fit you, you must have noticed that lately, the stores have been invaded by one garment in particular: the printed t-shirt. This piece of clothing can be seen on the shelves of any dedicated store, as same as on the streets. The trend is here to stay, taking into consideration that it has become an actual fashion statement in the past seasons. Everybody is wearing it and you are probably wondering why it has become people’s favourite piece of garment.  Well, the answer is simple: it is both laid back and sophisticated, being able to transform a basic attire into an edgy one in an instant.

Printed t-shirts are versatile

If you decide to purchase one of these items, you should know that it will get you out of a lot of trouble. The t-shirt suits absolutely any occasion, especially given the blurry lines of fashion. It is never out of season or out of place, not to mention the multiple matches you can create if you wear it. Its huge versatility has led to this amazing popularity: it can be worn with jeans, skirts, high heels, sneakers, blazers and the list can continue endlessly. In addition to this, this clothing piece is perfect for a wide array of situations: you can wear it on a night out, at the movies, at work and even when you attend a cocktail party, if paired with some striking heels and an appropriate skirt. As you can see, there is nothing you cannot do if you own a printed t-shirt.

They are easy to make

Printed t-shirts are created by the method of screen printing. This involves the use of a special machine, made of several parts. Among these, the most important one is the mesh through which ink is pressed onto the material, respecting the contour of a matrix, designating the design wanted by the customer. Initially, the mesh was made of silk, as it was extremely fine and delicate, but nowadays most printers use polyester substitutes. The technique is used in tailoring plants but also in establishments such as The people who work in such places are able to provide you with the most beautiful and original designs, as long as you are willing to experience.

You can get a unique outfit

If you decide to have a t-shirt printed, you should probably know that this is a possibility of wearing absolutely anything you want. You can create your own design if you have something in mind and you are creative enough. This way, you make sure your t-shirt is actually unique – another relevant feature that has done this garment so popular. Nobody wants to wear the same cloths as others, which is why the possibility of customisation is so appealing for people. Whether you want to transmit a certain message or you want to show your appreciation for a public figure or a super hero, this is the right way of doing it.