Live a More Sustainable Life by Growing Your Own Food

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Considering the damage we have caused to the environment in time, it’s now a good moment to stop and think about how we can bring our contribution to saving the environment. The reason is by living a more sustainable life and a step towards that goal is to grow our own food, fruits and vegetables mostly. This way, there will be fewer toxins released into the environment and we will provide our families with healthier food.

    • First of all, growing your own food will guarantee that you and your family will be eating healthier food with no harmful pesticides and fertilizers added. The fruits and vegetables you buy in stores have been treated with plenty of pesticides to kill the pests that could damage them and their growth has been encouraged using chemicals designed to make them look bigger and more appetizing. This means that you are providing your family with food that can damage their health in the long run, especially the health of small children.
    • Second of all, you will protect the environment by minimizing the number of chemical substances that harm it. By not encouraging the purchase of treated fruits and vegetables, you will do your part in protecting the environment. If everyone would be more aware of the effect of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers on the environment, fewer people would agree with their use. Not spraying your fruits and vegetables with chemicals means the soil will stay cleaner and fewer toxins will end up in the groundwater. Therefore, the environmental impact will be lower.
    • Growing your own food is a sustainable lifestyle in more ways than one as it also encourages you to recycle and reuse items you would otherwise throw in the garbage. For example, you can grow the seedling in cans and pots that would end up as trash, so you will throw less garbage into the environment. Having your own produce garden also allows you to turn food remains into compost and natural fertilizers that will boost the growth of your fruits and veggies in a healthy way.
  • If we have convinced you to be more careful what food you put on the table, you should start growing your own food as soon as possible. You will discover that it’s not as hard as you might think and that the investment and the effort are limited. If you are planning to create a greenhouse where your produce will be available all year round, consider purchasing a led grow lights system that will help you offer your plants the right amount of light they need to grow properly. Also, invest in a good heating system like one based on infrared light that is more environmentally friendly money-saving.