Is a Vegan Diet the Answer to Saving the Planet?

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The global warming definitely affects all of us in different ways, and it will probably affect us a lot more in the near future if we don’t take precautions as soon as possible. You are probably wondering like many people do, if the vegan diet is the answer to saving the planet, and if you will read this article you can actually draw your own conclusion.

What does the raising of animals for food involve?

Nowadays, humans eat around 230m tonnes of animals a year, which is actually two times more than we used to eat 30 years ago. This should definitely worry us and take precautions as soon as possible. In order to know exactly if a vegan diet is the answer to saving the planet, you must know exactly what the raise of animals involves. Nearly 30% of the Earth’s land mass is being used for raising different animals for food and also for growing feed crops. This is a lot, and if we would stop consuming such a big quantity of food, we would save a lot of land which will definitely be a great thing for this planet. Another important aspect that we should take into account is that these days, only in America, nearly 70% of the grain grown is being used for feeding the animals. Can you imagine how many people we could feed with this enormous quantity of food? There are people in Africa who are starving while we feed animals for consuming their meat. This is a painful truth that must be changed in a way or another in order to protect our planet. In the Amazon, 70 % of land deforested is being used nowadays as cattle pasture. Moreover, there are plenty of other important resources used for this whole procedure, such as water, and fossil fuel as well. These resources can be used for other important purposes that involve humans and not animals. These are the most important things that people all over the world should take into account and actually start to do something about it, in order to see the desired results. The planet should be protected not only for us but for the future generations as well. A vegan diet will definitely be the right answer to saving the planet. Therefore, all of us should include in our daily diet more vegan foods, and considerably reduce the amount of meat we eat, or a better thing to do would be to quit eating meat.