Ideas to re-use ribbons

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The online market really brings some hard to refuse offers. If you visit certain websites and if you appreciate buying things online, you might end up spending a lot more than you had planned. For instance, if you have taken advantage of a ribbons wholesale offer, although a great one, you might be left with a large number of bows, you have no idea how to use them. After all, you might have taken advantage of a wholesale offer when in need of a large number of ribbons, like in the case of a wedding, so having a lot of them still unused, it a great possibility. Once the event passes, you are stuck with them and there is really no point in throwing them away. You did pay for them.  So, maybe you could use a few tips and tricks on how to use and re-use these ribbons.

The decorating game


One of the fun things about these ribbons is that you can play with them in and out of your home. You can use them to decorate the home, as well as the garden. They will add a lovely appearance to your house, making it more appealing and welcoming. And you can add them onto anything. You can add them on trees, on the curtain, even on various decorating items such as vases or jars in the kitchen. The staircase can make a lovely home for bows. So, this would be a first idea for re-using ribbons.


Christmas preparations


If you have purchased ribbons coming in all sorts of colours and maybe different patterns, you can easily make use of them if you should want to decorate your Christmas tree, differently this time. At the same time, ribbons can be used to manufacture Christmas decorations. There are a lot of tutorials you can watch to find out a few secrets on this topic.


Having fun with your kids


What is great about being a parent is that while having the option to go for a traditional education, you can choose to be creative at the same time. Children need creativity, because they need to grow this skill. Imagination is something all children should have, because it really makes their life better. What do ribbons have to do with creativity? Well, quite a lot actually, because if you use ribbons to play with your children, you could help them grow their creative. Ask for their help when making the Christmas decorations, flower arrangements or whatever else you would like to make.