How to Reduce the Amount of of Waste that You Create

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Every day, you throw away considerable amounts of garbage that have a devastating effect on the environment. You can change this if you start being more aware of the impact you have on the nature and if you start looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste you create. Here are some simple ways to protect the environment.

    • Plastic bottles are the most common waste that ends up in landfills or, even worst, in the oceans and seas around the world. Given that plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade and that it stays in the soil and water in the meantime, it’s best that you reduce the amounts of plastic bottles you throw in the garbage. First of all, you can stop buying bottled water and soda so you will no longer have to throw away so many bottles. Not only bottled water is not eco-friendly, but it’s also not so safe for your health as all the toxins in the plastic reach into the water and into your body.
    • Besides plastic bottles, you also throw plenty of plastic bags that you buy from the store and you use to wrap your food, your clothes, and everything else you put in your shopping cart. It’s very easy to stop throwing plastic bags in the trash if you replace them with cloth bags that you can use multiple times. Make your own cloth bag using an old t-shirt you have at home so you will no longer have to buy plastic bags that will end up in the bin.
  • Recycling is a great way of reducing the amount of waste that you create and you can basically recycle anything from egg cardboard to plastic bottles to food containers. There are endless ideas to inspire from when you want to turn disposable items into new accessories and decorations that can become very useful. The internet is full of recycling ideas that will allow you to give a new life to things you would otherwise throw away.
  • When you go to the grocery store, try to buy only what you need so you will no longer have to throw away food that turns bad before you get to eat it. Also, if you can buy a certain item that can be used for multiple purposes, buy that instead of buying a product for every purpose. The fewer items you buy, the fewer you will have to throw away.