How to Make a String from Plastic Bottles

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Nowadays, there are plenty of amazing ideas that can help you create different things. For example, you can easily make a string by using some old plastic bottles. With a bit of patience, some useful tools and a bit of inspiration you will obtain the desired result with ease. If it seems interesting for you, then here is how to make a string from plastic bottles.

How to obtain the desired result

If you are wondering how to make a string from plastic bottles, then here is how you can do that. First of all, make sure that you have an empty 2-liter PET bottle, and a knife or scissors. Do not forget to remove the label from the bottle, and rinse it very well, in order to avoid having a sticky string. Start the procedure by removing the top and the bottom of your bottle by using the knife. This is very easy to realize, the only thing you need to do is to pay attention to your fingers. However, a scissor will be a lot easier to use, and you will avoid cuts. Keep in mind that there should definitely be a straight edge. Start cutting your bottle. Follow the edge and try to carefully cut the width you want. Have patience as you will need to be very precise. It is recommended to cut around 2-3 mm. After doing so, you will need to create a holder. You can easily do this by using a copper wire of 2 mm which you probably already have it in your home. If not, go to a specific shop and get some. Coiling will be very easy to realize in case you have a battery drill with speed control in your home. If not, then borrow one, as it will considerably ease your job. You will only need to fix the end of the thread between the wire and turn the unit on. Keep in mind to use the lowest speed level. Otherwise, you risk to hurt yourself and destroy your ”work of art” as well. During this process, you must move the thread to the right and to the left, along the holder, and then fix the final end of your thread with a bit of tape. Once you have done this, you can be pleased with what you have achieved because you will actually be at the end of the whole process. You will have a coil of PET thread which has around 20 meters, which is absolutely fantastic.