How much paper waste does your 3PL company produce?

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The mindless use of paper has dire consequences on the environment, leading to issues such as deforestation and the hazard of toxic inks. If you’re like other third-party logistics providers, you waste a lot of time and money with paper invoices. As a business, you produce staggering amounts of paper waste, which doesn’t seem relevant but has a tremendous impact on the yearly expenses.

The best thing you can do to improve your company’s results and help save the environment is to make the transition to e-invoicing.

The real cost of a paper invoice might surprise you

When you conclude a fraktavtal, you decide on the payment scope of services. Basically, you outline the standard terms of international freight forwarding operations. The invoice is processed manually, which results in unwanted costs. Paper, ink, and postage costs. And let’s not forget about the employees who are required to place the invoices into envelopes and mail them.

The hidden costs of manual invoicing are the most remarkable ones. If something were to go wrong and the invoice doesn’t reach its destination, you’ll have to send another one. The other party can even dispute the invoice. That’s why it pays to invoice electronically.

Embracing technology in the workplace has never been so important. As mentioned earlier, you’re losing time and money due to inefficiencies. Modern applications are easy to integrate with legacy systems and they’re accessible to those who aren’t tech-savvy. Don’t rely on repetitive tasks for mundane activities such as invoicing.

Automate finance processes to reduce delays and inaccuracies 

The business environment has become more challenging for third-party logistics providers. In addition to finding new talent and fraktupphandling, it’s paramount to meet shippers’ specific requirements. Let’s not even talk about supply chain problems. It’s recommended to automate financial processes such as invoicing to increase efficiency and accuracy.

What you need is a complex solution that makes life easier for 3PL companies, namely one that can help with invoicing and re-invoicing of shipping and allocate costs to shippers. Everything is done electronically, so there’s no need to keep paper copies in folders.

You’ll be able to keep track of your finances because the information you need is easily accessible through an Internet-connected device. What is more, the results are clearly presented in tailored reports that can be adapted to individual situations. Moving from manual processes to automated ones can help your organization in terms of transportekonomi.

You won’t be relying on an Excel sheet, that’s for sure. You have a sophisticated tool that can perform the necessary tasks without much difficulty and reduce the scope of error.

Final thoughts

Business process automation works smoothly with the environment. To be more precise, your 3PL company can operate profitably while being energy-efficient and reducing the amount of paper used. There’s no better time than now to ditch paper invoices and manual processes and embrace technology.

You have complete control over your operations and can reduce costs, not to mention that you’ll see key functionality.