Harness vs collar – what should I choose for my dog

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If you are a dog lover then you probably have one, or two, or maybe three fur friends around the house. So you know that it is quite hard to walk them if they do not wear a leash or harness. But depending on the dog’s personality and breed, you will have to choose one of them, because other way they will harm themselves, and even you when they pull. Dogs use to pull against the tension and choke themselves when wearing the collar, so you should think buying one of the dog fleece harnesses, because they can protect them. But before deciding to buy a collar or a harness, you should check the benefits they have, and understand which one is suited for your dogs.

Using a harness

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to buy harnesses for their dogs, because they consider them more beneficial. A harness is one of the most amazing tools you can use if you want to train your dogs. They will understand how they should behave when walking in leash and you will have more control on their actions. A harness will help you discourage the pulling of the dogs, and in case they have, the habit to jump on strangers you can stop them. And where you count that if you use a harness your dogs have less chances to get tangled accidently. In addition, this accessory decreases the risk of the dogs to get a neck injury, especially if you have a toy breed dog. It is advisable to choose a harness if you have a breed like French Bulldog or Pug, because they are prone to tracheal collapse and respiratory problems. Therefore, if you think that your dog has respiratory problems, then you should buy a harness.

Using a collar

The simplest solution to walk a dog is using a collar. You can find a wide variety of styles on the market, so according to your dog’s breed you can choose one. You can find on the market even some models that are designed to cause your dogs’ discomfort if they pull. However, it is not recommended to use this model when training your dog. If you want to opt for a collar, then you should buy a traditional one that does not cause your dogs, respiratory problems. If you plan to leave, the dogs wear it all the time, then a collar is the best option you have.