Guidelines to boost home security

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To protect your family, you would turn your house into a fortress. But it is impossible to do it and keep the burglars away. But with modern technology is simple to improve your house security because modern systems are versatile. You can find on the market digital security cameras and remote-controlled locks that you can control from your smartphone from a distance. These systems keep you up to date with what happens at home when you’re away and bring you peace of mind. 

But if you want to boost your house security and go the extra mile to safeguard your loved ones, here are some guidelines that can help you. 

Keep valuable things away from sight

The best way to keep burglars away from your house is to remove all valuable items from sight to leave no temptation. All security specialists advise homeowners to keep useful belongings locked. If a criminal keeps an eye on your house, but they don’t identify something they can steal, they’ll move to the next home. But if you have some beautiful pieces of jewellery, expensive gadgets or a nice car kept in the garage they will search for a way to break into the house and take them. You can use a boligalarm to notify you when someone enters inside your home to protect your belongings from burglars. When you just bought something expensive, don’t take them out of the box and place them close to a window where everyone can see them.       

Don’t hide a key close to the house

Often parents leave a spare key for their children close to their house because they may lose their copy. If you used to do this, you might want to get rid of this habit because when burglars plan to break a house, the first thing they do is search for a key. Experienced burglars know all spots homeowners use to hide their keys, so even if you think you picked a hidden place, they probably know to check it. It’s best to leave a spare key at one of your neighbours or friends. They can offer it to your children when they lose their or enter the house if an emergency arises. Sometimes a plumbing or varmpepumpe issue appears, and you cannot reach home in time.           

Don’t let them know you’re away from home

When you are away for an extended period of time, it’s smart to ask your neighbours, friends and family to keep an eye on your house. Ask them to collect your mail, check the elbil-lader, mow your lawn and do other things that offer criminals the impression someone is always at home. You can also leave the lamps around the house on to remove your property as a potential target. Criminal’s biggest fear is to confront you, so they will try to trespass your house when you are away from home. They will supervise the property for multiple days to learn your schedule and find the moment when the house is empty. But when it’s always someone who comes by to check the property, they don’t know what to expect, and they give up on their plan.