Guide to health insurance in France

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The French healthcare system is considered one of the most effective of the world, because it offers some of the best public healthcare system. However, you should know that in some cases, you will need private health insurance, so if you decide to move into this country, then you should do some research. The law in France obliges people to have health insurance, and if you are an expat, then you can apply for the health insurance offered by the state. Because you may not thoroughly understand the system, you may not know if you should apply for private health insurance or not, so it is advisable to read this article to find all the details you need to know.

Can you apply for the French health insurance?

If you want to apply for health insurance, then the rules state that you should have lived here less than 5 years. In addition, you do not have to be under national retirement age, paid employment or have not received a pension from one of the European countries. Also, if you are a non-European student, who is more than 28 years old, you can receive the insurance. When you have stayed for three consecutive months in France as a resident, you can apply for insurance. In case your application will be rejected, then you should look for private health insurance.

Am I eligible for health insurance?

The rules state that every person who lives in France needs to have health insurance. The salaried employees and legal residents are eligible for getting a medical insurance. But, there are also some exceptions from the rule, and you have to check your situation.

  • If you have proof of at least three consecutive months of residence in France, then you are eligible to apply for the medical insurance. This means that your principal home has to be in France and you plan to stay here for at least six months, after the period of three consecutively three months passes. If you are a low-income legal resident, or you are unemployed, then you can get subsidies.
  • If you have a job in France, then you can get the insurance through the social contribution, because you pay to the social security system.

Can I get insurance if I am a student?

You should know that if you are a student in France, you will not be considered a resident, and this means that you will have to acquire a Students’ Social Security, that will cover your health expenses while studying in this country. However, you will not be able to get the Students’ Social Security if you are an EEA or EU citizen with a valid EHIC, or a student who plans to study here for less than three months. Also, you will not have this benefit if you are older than 28, because in this case you have the possibility to apply for health insurance under the PUMA scheme. If you are a student, and you live here for less than 6 months you will not be eligible for the public health insurance.