Green Alternatives to the Electric Clothes Dryer

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Electric clothes dryers are very popular nowadays, due to the fact that people find them very efficient. They actually offer many advantages, but unfortunately, they affect the environment as well, which is not a good thing. The good news is that there are some green alternatives to the electric clothes dryer that will offer you a good result and they will also protect the environment. Here are some of these clever alternatives.

Go for an outdoor clothesline

The outdoor clothesline is the traditional way to dry your clothing. It is the perfect alternative for those who live in a house and have a garden. It is true that the whole drying process will last a longer period of time, but it is the perfect way to protect the environment. Furthermore, your clothing will definitely smell very fresh. However, if you live in an apartment, you could opt for an indoor drying rack which is very easy to use, and very easy to store as well when it is not being used. Therefore, make sure that you take into account these important details that will help you protect the environment.

Opt for a drying cabinet

Drying cabinets are not very popular, but they are definitely efficient. The drying process is usually accelerated with help from a mechanical ventilation, dehumidifier unit, or a combination of heat and mechanical ventilation. Drying cabinets are not affordable, but they are definitely one of the best green alternatives to the electric clothes dryer. They protect that fabric during the whole process, and even delicate materials can easily be dried in these machines. The only disadvantage is that drying cabinets are quite small, and they will certainly not meet the needs of a large family. However, there is another option, called drying closet which can actually be homemade. With a tutorial, the right tools and some patience you will definitely manage to build it.

Place your clothes on the radiators

During winter, a great way to dry your clothes is to place them on the radiators. By doing so, you will avoid using a dryer. You must make sure that you don’t leave them for a very long period of time, otherwise, they may become yellow, or even worse than this, the material could burn. The clothes that are made of delicate materials must be placed on a towel in order to make sure that they won’t be affected. However, this solution is a great one for those who want to stop using an electric dryer.