Eco Friendly Vacuum Cleaners for a Clean and Green Home

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House cleaning should be done in a more environmentally friendly way if we want to preserve the safety and health of the world we live in. So many chemical cleaning products and appliances that use a lot of electricity while releasing toxins into the air are things that we must get rid of if we want to have a clean and green home. For this, we can resort to the help of Eco-friendly vacuum cleaners that protect our home while cleaning it.

Electrolux Vacs From the Sea

This range of vacuum cleaners is the manufacturer’s attempt to raise awareness about all the plastic waste that goes into the oceans every day. The vacuum cleaners are actually made from the plastic collected by worker teams who went to five oceans around the world and gathered plastic garbage. The waste that pollutes the oceans was then shaped into these limited edition vacuum cleaners that use less energy and use the best HEPA filters that keep impurities away from the air.

Imetec ECO E1

This stylish Eco-friendly vacuum cleaner has been designed with care for the environment in mind and uses the most advanced technology of Imetec to ensure the highest suction power at the lowest energy consumption. This model is part of the company’s line of Eco-friendly vacuum cleaners that use HEPA filters to limit the amount of dust that travels through the air in your house.

Miele Hybrid

One innovative vacuum cleaner is this model from Miele that works on batteries so it minimizes the energy consumption. The powerful 1,800 watts motor is kept running for 20 minutes before needing a recharge so you will have plenty of time to clean your house. To protect the vacuum cleaner from overheating, the manufacturer has included a shut-off function for when the motor gets too hot and it will only start again after it has cooled down.

bObsweep PetHair

This is a 4-in-1 floor cleaner that sweeps, vacuums, mops, and sterilizes the floors so you won’t have to use another device or an additional cleaning product. It has a great suction power that enables it to absorb even the smallest dust particle or pet hair that could stick to your carpets. Moreover, if you read the bObsweep robot vacuum cleaner review posted on the site, you will see that this smart vacuum’s navigational system allows it to determine the best routes for cleaning a room, and the dirt sensor can detect the level of dirtiness in order to pass over a certain sport the necessary amount of times. These features increase its performance but also save energy as the vacuum doesn’t waste energy on aimlessly cleaning the house for a certain amount of time, like other models do. Thanks to the HEPA filter, the dust, mold, bacteria, and fungi that the robot vacuum collects are not released into the air.