Eco Friendly Room Heaters

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Adding warmth to your house in winter is a must but it should also be a must to look for an Eco friendly room heater that will not use too much energy while heating your home. To see which heaters are the most efficient, both from a heating performance and an energy consumption point of view, we took a look at the comparison made by We read the reviews found on that website, compared the pros and cons of each unit and we managed to narrow down our choices to 3 heaters which we have even tested. All three heaters have shown great performance in providing us with plenty of warmth while keeping the energy consumption low, which made us state that they are, indeed, Eco-friendly room heaters.

Dr. Infrared Heater DHQ1016 Infrared Heater

Infrared heaters are the most energy-efficient models that create a pleasant and durable heat without requiring too much electricity. This one, in particular, is a great supplemental heating source that can warm your house in cold days of winter with the dual heating system that includes an infrared quartz tube and PTC, which is a conductive rubber. The innovation in this heater is the built-in humidifier that adds a pleasant cool mist to the dry air that is often created in winter. The humidifier is optional and makes an excellent addition to your home while saving you an expense. This heater uses 1500W of power to create temperatures ranging between 50 and 85 degrees and the temperature setting lets you adjust it as you like. At $185, this unit is a real deal.

EnerG+ ENGP1018 Infrared Heater

Although the price of this unit is a little higher, reaching up to $235, its performance and functionality make the investment well worth it. This tall infrared heater distributes the heat to a wide area so the operating time is smaller and the energy consumption remains low. What really is great about this unit is that you can use it both indoors and outdoors thanks to the waterproof housing that is resistant to dust and rust. You can place it in the bedroom or the living room and you can even take it outdoors when you want to relax on the porch. This heater has 3 levels of power that use between 500 and 1500 watts and can create pleasant heat whose intensity you can control using the remote control.

DeLonghi DLG2376 Radiant Panel Heater

You can either place this heater on the floor or you can mount it on the wall, either way, it will warm you with its radiant heat. You ca set the heat intensity from low to high so you can control the energy usage depending on your heating needs. The heater has a safety thermal cut-off feature that automatically shuts it off in case of overheating and there is also an internal tip-over switch that shuts it down if it tends to fall. A great feature that allows you to use this heater in the coldest rooms is the frost prevention mode that keeps it running at minimum energy costs.