Eco Friendly Home Cooling Ideas

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Those who want to cool off their homes during summer shouldn’t panic because there are a lot of Eco-friendly methods of doing it. If you can’t stand the summer heat but you don’t want to harm the environment while cooling your home, read the following lines to find out some great Eco-friendly home cooling ideas.

Use the Dyson AM07 tower fan

For $300 you can cool your home with the Eco-friendly Dyson AM07 tower fan. To not waste more energy than you need to, you can set the unit to run between 15 minutes and 9 hours. After the time that you set passes, it shuts off automatically to save energy. Due to the lack of blades, the AM07 is safer to use than other fans. It’s more efficient at cooling the room in which you place it because of its design as well. It oscillates at a 90-degree angle to cool off the room faster. It can move up to 1271 cubic feet of air per minute if you set it on the highest speed setting. Also, it looks great in any room that you place it in due to its interesting and modern design.

Close the curtains during the day

During summer, most of the heat will enter your home through the windows. Therefore, close the curtains during the day to not allow the sun rays to invade your home. It’s a method that won’t cost you a thing to use and it will make the indoor temperatures drop considerably as well. Also, you should close the windows during the day. This way you don’t let the hot air from outside enter your home and make the temperature rise.

Let the cold night air inside

When summer comes, the temperatures drop considerably during the night in comparison to how high they are during the day. Therefore, during the night, you should open all the windows to let the cold night air inside. Although, make sure to open them vertically to not be in danger of a break-in. Opening the windows is an Eco-friendly measure to cool your home that won’t cost you a dime to try. In addition, you will sleep better at night due to the fact that you will inhale fresh and clean air.

Plant trees to provide with shade for your home

If you plant trees on the south and west sides of your home you will provide with natural shading that will keep your home cool when it’s hot outside. If you use this Eco-friendly method to cool your home you will save up to $300 in energy costs annually. Also, you will help make the air that you breathe more clean and safe to breathe if you plant trees. Before you plant the trees, go to a local nursery to find out which are the native trees to your environment, the ones that will grow fast and tall.