Eco-friendly gardening ideas that will make your yard luxurious

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In terms of eco-friendly ways in which you can make your garden more luxurious, there are plenty of ideas that may help you, and luckily, you don’t even have to put great efforts into those. A greener way of taking care of your garden not only reduces the waste, but it also helps you to have a healthier and even beautiful garden. Also, in these circumstances, the energy required for maintaining your yard in proper form is considerably reduced. Bottom line is, you will have plenty of advantages when adopting a more eco-friendly way of caring for your garden. Besides the 5 Handy Gardening Products that will always help you to work effectively, below are some tips and tricks.

Friendly bugs are your ally

You may detest insects, but your garden will certainly love those. Ladybugs, ground beetles, lacewings, they all bring enormous benefits to your beloved plants. While there are certain bugs that you want to deter from your garden you must make the environment as appealing as possible for these, because they will help you reduce the population of disastrous bugs. Ladybirds are well-known for feeding on various aphids, such as the blackfly. A good strategy to attract these little friends is to plant a border of various plants that attract these. Sunflower, marigolds, will attract these good guys and they will help you get rid of any infestation without using any type of chemicals on your “green” garden.

Birds will also help you get rid of your garden’s enemies

Not only certain bugs may be disastrous for your garden, but also worms, slugs and caterpillars. And a good chemical-free deterrent of these are some birds that you might consider to attract in your garden. You can simply manage this by installing feeding and nesting boxes in your garden and letting the guests come by. By using birds to get rid of these you will eliminate the necessity of polluting the environment with various insecticides, but also herbicides and fungicides. Also, if there is no time available for waiting for your visitors, you could consider deterring slugs by creating a barrier of salt or crushed eggshells.

Mix and match your plants

There is a well-known fact that by combining your plants, you may boost their capacity of growing more luxurious. When combined, some plants promote each other’s growth and you eliminate the need for artificial fertilisers. Some great examples of plant mixes are as described below.

  • Tomatoes and chives;
  • Carrots and spring onions;
  • Roses and garlic;
  • Cucumber and radish;
  • Dill and cucumber.

Each of these combinations not only promotes the healthy growth of the other, but in the spring they also create a gorgeous visual effect.

Set up a compost area

A great way to have your own DIY natural fertiliser is to create a compost area and throw away organic matters only by using it. Compost is great because it will help you naturally introduce organic, friendly, microorganisms.