Eco-friendly décor ideas you should know about

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When it comes to sustainable living, not many families are able to pride themselves with such capabilities. Nevertheless, it is important to make conscious decisions in terms of home décor so we improve the manner in which we interact with the environment. Being aware that green furniture exists and it is fairly easy to find might make many families live a “greener” lifestyle. For instance, pieces such as this Ercol chest of drawers is manufactured by using sustainable wood sources. But more about eco-friendly furniture and eco décor you will find in the following paragraphs.

1. Search for handcrafted pieces of furniture

Eco-friendly furniture does not mean that particular type of furniture that doesn’t contain any type of wood, but that particular wood is coming from sustainable sources and that for reaching the final form there weren’t used industrialised methods. Oftentimes handcrafted pieces of furniture are highly appreciated in “green” households, because they offer the peace of mind that in the process of manufacturing them, there were taken conscious, environmental-friendly decisions, that don’t affect the planet under any circumstances. Another great option is furniture manufactured from reclaimed wood. Look into it as well, if you are searching for some amazing eco-friendly pieces.

2. Take “green living” literally

If you lack ideas in terms of décor elements, look into some plants that you love. Bring them into your home and create focal points from them. Make sure that you invest in plants from sustainable sources, as you don’t want to damage the environment furthermore. They will contribute greatly to filtering the air in your home and making it healthier for the entire family. Moreover, plants and greenery are perfect to add as centrepieces in a home, instead of plastic décor elements and so on.

3. Recycle old pieces

If you are tired of some of your furniture or décor pieces, then you must know that you can give them a fresher look by painting them in a different colour, adding more contemporary hardware and so on. Also, if you have leftover pieces of construction materials, you could transform leftover copper pipes into stylish planters, chairs or tables, into amazing photo frames and so on. Search online for tutorials. The Internet is filled with witty ideas how you could DIY various eco-friendly décor pieces. Remember, these are pieces that were already manufactured, and by repurposing them you are helping to reduce the waste.

These are all some simple ideas one could put into practice when it comes to creating an eco-friendly interior design. Document yourself on the manufacturing process your pieces were under and you will most certainly find some suppliers that meet your requirements: they are manufactured using sustainable sources, in an eco-friendly manner (by using handcrafting techniques) and try to repurpose old items as often as possible. Living an eco-friendly life is possible, you only have to search for the appropriate solutions for your particular case.