Eco Friendly Coffee Makers

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If you are the type that can’t start the day without a morning coffee, you certainly have a coffee maker at home. But have you ever considered how energy-consuming these appliances are and how they affect the environment? If we aroused your interest, take a look at the following eco friendly coffee makers and get one to start making your house green and your coffee more environmentally friendly.

Bodum Chambord French Press

This excellent french press coffee maker can make as many as 8 cups of delicious coffee using the basic brewing process. Since it doesn’t use electricity, it doesn’t add to your household bill nor it impacts the environment. The carafe is made of a durable and heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a stainless steel frame and handle that allow you to use it. You can either wash it in the dishwasher or by hand. The excellent taste of the coffee is obtained due to the three-part stainless steel mesh filter that presses the coffee and extracts its natural aromatic oils and flavor. At $40, this coffee maker is a great deal in many ways.

REI Table Top French Coffee Press

Besides being eco friendly, this coffee maker is very easy to use as you simply add coarse ground coffee into the fine mesh screen and pour hot water over it. Let the coffee sit for a few minutes before pressing the plunger to release the hot beverage. No electricity is used in making the coffee and the high temperature is kept inside the carafe due to the double-walled and vacuum insulated stainless steel carafe. The low price of $40 adds to the convenience of this coffee maker.

Nespresso Pixie

This advanced coffee maker is much more expensive than the french presses, namely $279, but its performance makes it a worthy investment. First of all, it allows you to prepare not one, but various types of coffee since it works with coffee capsules. Secondly, it only takes 25 seconds to heat up so the energy consumption is minimum and the coffee is ready in the blink of an eye. Another eco friendly feature is the shut-off setting that turns the unit off after 30 minutes of not being used so it won’t represent an electrical hazard.

Illy X8 Iperespresso

While you may think that single-serve coffee makers are not eco friendly, this version from Illy is a true innovation in the matter as the capsules it uses are made of recycled plastic. This shows that the company is considering exploring ways to be more environmentally friendly. Also, it collects the empty capsules in a container so you can store them away and dispose of them in a recycling bin. The energy-saving auto shut-off feature maximizes the convenience of the coffee maker.