Direct Business Services excels at green business practices

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Direct Business Services is a fast-growing company in the comprehensive fulfillment industry which is incredibly focused on satisfying all types of fulfillment needs of their clients. The company joins the industry with a revolutionary approach considering that protecting our environment while doing business is just as important as earning profits.

Direct Business Services uses the most innovative technologies and tools to provide professional and efficient support for all types of fulfillment services. Moreover, the company’s success is backed by a highly-trained and professional team that focuses on providing the company’s clients with top-quality services.

Yet, despite offering outstanding customer service and tailored solutions for each of their customers, be it a legal or natural person, the company is also working actively to change its negative impact on our environment.

The fulfillment industry can be extremely damaging for our planet by its own nature as all the operations involve producing huge amounts of waste from paperwork, shipping materials, packages and boxes, and labels. And, Direct Business Services (PLESQ.COM) is extremely aware of this aspect which is why the team of professionals working there is constantly looking for the best green solutions to lower the company’s effects on our environment.

 Direct Business Services is taking several measures to ensure that it damages our planet as little as possible. For example, the team of experts is always focusing on choosing the materials, equipment, and appliances that are energy-efficient and contain the energy star insignia. Moreover, the company participates in several recycling programs for several different recyclables including paper, plastic, metals, and others.

The main area of concern when it comes to producing waste in the fulfillment industry is paper waste. So, Direct Business Services is making great efforts to modify its internal and external processes by automating them and adopting a paperless approach wherever is possible.

Compared to other fulfillment companies, what makes Direct Business Services stand out from the crowd is their green approach to doing business. The company values customer satisfaction and protecting our environment in equal ways. So, the team of experts is always working hard to make sure that those two values of the company are respected.

While the company has a highly-trained team of professionals that support customers at all times by providing them with tailored and most advantages solutions, it also has a dedicated team that constantly monitors the company’s waste output and is constantly looking for additional ways in which they can reduce garbage and waste.

The fulfillment industry is one of the biggest contributors to the negative impact on our environment, leaving behind millions of tones of waste and a huge carbon footprint. However, Direct Business Services understood that there must be made a change in the way fulfillment companies do business. That is why the company found the most revolutionary solutions to continue to offer top-quality services to its clients while also protecting our environment.

To sum up, if you want to choose a fulfillment company that will satisfy all your fulfillment needs with the best services while also has a green approach to the way it does business, Direct Business Services is the right choice.