Custom 3M Adhesive Tape – Maximising Effectiveness

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Custom adhesive tapes are only ever purchased for purposes of relative importance.  In other instances, it is usually find to go with the kinds of generic adhesives that are mass-produced in much larger quantities. Businesses of all kinds go with custom adhesive tapes when they are looking for results they can rely on, the highest level of cost effectiveness and the perfect properties to suit the intended purpose of the adhesive. These days, the right custom adhesive tape can be every bit as effective and far more convenient than any comparable mechanical joining method – welding included.

The thing is though, it’s still important to ensure that you yourself maximise the effectiveness of any such products you purchase. While the adhesive tape manufacturers can certainly create perfect products to order, much of it still comes down to the actions (and possibly the inactions) of the buyer. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of a custom adhesive tape of any kind, there are certain things that need to be kept close to mind at all times.

1 – Designed for Purpose

For example, the whole point of purchasing a custom adhesive product is that you do so with a specific purpose in mind. As such, it simply makes sense to ensure that the adhesive in question is indeed designed specifically for its intended purpose. This means ensuring that the manufacturer you work with is made fully aware of all specifics, in relation to its purpose. This will include things like the types of materials you intend to join, how strong you want the bond to be, how long you want it to last, what kinds of conditions it should be resistant to and so on and so forth. You need to create the blueprint for a perfect product, which is every bit as meticulous and specific as it needs to be.

2 – Surface Preparation

When the time comes to put the adhesive to work, it’s critically important to ensure you follow all relevant instructions with regard to surface preparation. This is something that may differ significantly from one product to the next, therefore should never be taken for granted. For example, some adhesives are only suitable for use on immaculately smoke services, while others will only get the job done if the surface is roughed-up a little using sandpaper beforehand. Generally speaking however, it tends to be a prerequisite that the surface is rendered as clean and dry as possible, before putting the adhesive product to use.

3 – Atmospheric Conditions

The precise properties of the adhesive in question will determine the kinds of environments in which it is and is not suitable for use. For example, while some adhesives are able to work perfectly in the presence of extreme temperatures or humidity, others require much more stable temperatures and zero moisture.  This is something that should be taken into account when specifying the order in the first place, but also when working with the product after receiving it. Should be clearly state that certain atmospheric conditions are or are not suitable, such instructions should be followed to the letter.

4 – Drying Time

The same also goes for drying times – as in how long it takes for the bond to reach its maximum strength. This is something else that can be customised in accordance with requirements, though should be taken into account when putting the adhesive to work. For example, if it specifies in the instructions that a period of 1 hour is required for the adhesive to harden, this doesn’t mean you should simply assumed that it will be fine after 50 minutes or so. If you are looking to get the maximum effectiveness and performance from your adhesive products, it’s important take these kinds of guidelines very seriously.

5 – Product Age and Condition

Even the most outstanding adhesive product on the market will have some kind of shelf life, after which their properties may no longer be up to par. This is something that will be advised either at the time of purchase or in the manufacturer’s guidelines – be sure to seek direct clarification if anything is unclear.

6 – Storage Conditions

Last up, the method and location of storage may also have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the adhesive products you purchase and use. While some adhesive products can be stored almost anywhere and in various containers without a second thought, others need to be provided with very specific conditions to hold onto their key properties.

Last but not least, in the same instances you cannot expect an adhesive product of any kind to perform to its full potential if it has not been stored exactly in accordance with instructions. Once again, things like the temperature of the room and ambient humidity come into the equation, along with the container chosen to store the adhesive and so on. If you really want to get the most out of your custom adhesive products, you need to store them in exact accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.