Creative Recycling Ideas

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Tons of garbage are thrown away every day and eventually end up in landfills or even worse, in the soils, oceans, and seas. This causes a huge damage to the environment in many ways and it is only up to us, people, to change it by starting to recycle the thing we no longer use instead of throwing them into the trash. To help you turn useless stuff into amazing decorative or practical items, we offer you some creative recycling ideas that will attract and inspire you to do something good for the world you live in.

    • If you have an old wooden bed that is broken and no longer usable, you can turn the headboard into a gorgeous bench to decorate your balcony or your porch. All you will need is an extra wooden plank, some nails, a hammer, and some paint in a vibrant color. Keep the larger headboard as the backrest of the bench and cut the smaller one in half to create the armrests. Attach the 3 parts to a piece of wood that will become the seat and secure everything in place with nails. A touch of paint and the bench is ready to offer you relaxing moments.
    • How about that old piano that can’t be used for singing anymore and you just can’t say goodbye to? You don’t even have to say goodbye to it if you think of a creative way to recycle it and turning it into a bookshelf is an amazing idea. Keep the upper part and mount it on the wall using strong brackets and holders. Arrange books inside it and you will have a one-of-a-kind bookshelf made of a unique musical instrument. The crafted legs of the piano can become flower pot holders so you will capitalize every piece you have available.
    • Plastic bottles are the most common item that is thrown on a daily basis and it’s also one of the most harmful for the environment. Considering the plastic takes around 1,000 years to degrade, consider turning your plastic bottles into amazing decorations. You can plant flowers in them and place it on a fence in the garden, you can turn them into Halloween decorations, you can make cases out of them, you can turn them into colorful containers for your kitchen, or you can even make an ottoman seat out of plastic bottles.
  • Wooden pallets are great recycling material that can make gorgeous pieces of furniture not only for your garden but also for the living room or for a home cinema theater. You can turn wooden pallets into sofas, tables, chairs, even new stairs in the basement can be made out of the. All you have to do is attach the wooden pallets to one another in the shape you like and paint them in nice colors that will change their aspect.