Can Dishwashers Really Help You Save Water?

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If you don’t own a dishwasher by not, you probably don’t know what you are missing out. These devices are considered to be life savers for all the busy parents that don’t have time to waste on washing the dishes after every meal. Some people prefer using the traditional method of washing the dishes by hand, but is it really a better solution than using a dishwasher to save water? Find out more in the next article.

Use your dishwasher at full capacity

If you want to save water and electricity at the same time, you should consider using your dishwasher at full capacity. Don’t plug in your dishwasher to use it when you have a small load of dishes to wash because you will simply waste a lot of water. This is not very good for environment, but also not a good solution for when you want to lower your monthly utility bills. In this case, you wash your dishes by hand, if you are not wiling to wait until you can fill the dishwasher at full capacity.

Opt for a newer dishwasher model

Like most appliances, there’s a big difference between an older dishwasher model and a newer model, especially in terms of how much water they use. Newer models are more energy-efficient than older dishwasher models because they are cold-fill only. You can save more money in the long term on heating costs if you use a newer model that takes in cold water.

Invest in an Energy Star certified dishwasher

We’ve discussed about the importance of replacing your old dishwasher model with a newer model in the previous chapter, now you will find out why it’s important to get a product that has received an Energy star qualification. When shopping for a dishwasher, make sure that is Energy Star certified, because these models use a smaller amount of water per cycle. The average Energy star rated dishwasher uses 4 gallons per cycle, while the average dishwasher uses almost 6 gallons of water, so the difference is quite noticeable. However, keep in mind that if you buy a big capacity dishwasher, when in fact you only need a medium capacity dishwasher, you might waste a lot of money, even if the dishwasher in question is energy star qualified. As we mentioned in our first advice, you should always use the dishwasher at full capacity, which is why you must be very careful when shopping for a new dishwasher. We advise you to go to the website, for helpful advice on finding a good dishwasher. On that website, you will find an expert comparison of different dishwashers. The comparison can help you find an Energy Star dishwasher, with a capacity that is just right for your needs.

Use an Eco-friendly setting

If you have a newer dishwasher, consider using its “Eco-setting” that allows you to save water and energy. An energy-efficient setting is a useful addition, because it allows the machine to use around a third of water than it normally uses. Consider opting for an A-rated model if you want to get best results. Our advice would be to not rush when shopping for a new dishwasher and make sure to check out its Energy label to see how much water or electricity it consumes per day or during a month.