Best Green Beauty Products

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If you want to lead a healthy and green lifestyle, then you must consider making some changes in terms of what beauty products you buy and use on a daily basis. There are hundreds of different brands currently on the market and all promise to deliver great results, but not all products are organic or eco-friendly. To help you choose the best green beauty products, we’ve provided you with a list composed of the most popular products for your skin and hair, so read on.

Skin tag removal

Among other skin imperfections, such as acne and wrinkles, skin tags have the most unpleasant appearance. Besides, it’s not that easy to remove a skin tag without leaving a scar. While you can use natural ingredients from your own pantry, such as lemon juice or vinegar, we recommend the Apothecary Australian tea tree oil treatment because it contains all natural ingredients, that were carefully chosen for dealing with this problem. Although this treatment may last some time, you should definitely try it out.

Eyelash growth serum

A good eyelash growth serum shouldn’t miss from your beauty bag because it simply does wonders for your eyelashes. We like the Talika Lipocils conditioning gel because it provides great results without using synthetic chemicals that damage your skin. This particular eyelash growth serum uses natural ingredients such as horse chestnut, witch hazel and nettle to help your eyelash grow and become longer and healthier. Although the results are not visible after a day or two, if you continue using the product you can gradually make your lashes stronger than ever.

Skin Lighting cream

If you are planning to use a bleaching cream, make sure that it is made of natural ingredients, and not chemicals that can cause more harm than good. The Skinbright Serum is one of the most popular skin lightening cream that you can find on the market. It contains natural ingredients such as Vitamin C and Cucumber extract. The best part about using this skin lightening cream is the fact that you can also minimize the appearance of wrinkles and make your skin look smoother and brighter.

Organic shampoo and conditioner

When it comes to choosing a green shampoo and conditioner, you must pay attention at the list of ingredients. Consider using an organic shampoo and conditioner like the ones from Rahua. These hair products work for all hair types, including for color-treated hair and by using them on a weekly basis you can change the structure of the hair follicle and make it stronger.