Amazing Solar Powered Garage Door Opener

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Buying a top-rated garage door opener in 2016 is a great way to increase the security of your home. However, knowing what type of garage door opener to buy is crucial, especially when you are trying to find a good quality unit that is energy efficient and not only easy to use or aesthetically pleasing. In this next article, you will discuss about the importance of installing a solar powered garage door opener and what model is suitable for your needs. Let’s get started.

Benefits of solar-powered garage door openers

As you will soon discover, solar-powered garage door openers offer more benefits than traditional units that run on large amounts of electricity. Most of these unit require as little as 3-4 hours of sunlight a day to operate in good conditions. In addition to that, you need only one solar panel to operate your garage door opener and the good news is that the battery holds sufficient charge to operate during the night.

Know the size and type of your garage door opener

When it comes to installing a good quality solar powered garage door opener, you must first calculate the amount of work that must be done to lift and lower your door. Only after you have determined how much work must be done to lift the garage door, you will know what type and size of garage door opener to get for maximum efficiency.

Seip TS Akku2 garage door opener

  • Great features
    What makes this garage door opener amazing is the fact that it provides all the features of a conventional garage door opener, including a lamp to illuminate the garage. Moreover, this particular model is capable of lifting and closing heavy garage doors that are approximately 15′ wide. In addition to that, this unit comes with a portable battery pack that can be recharged from mains power, to ensure that your garage door opener stays functional at all times. We like that this model is very quiet, despite the large and powerful DC motor. Another advantage of using this amazing solar-powered garage door opener is the fact that it’s able to learn and memorize the operating features of your motor so that it can stop the motor when it detects an obstruction, making it 100% safe to use for your family.
  • Maintenance free
    The number one advantage of using a solar powered garage door opener like the Seip TS Akku2 is that it basically requires no maintenance. With a solar powered unit, the battery is automatically kept charged by a solar panel to allow you to operate the garage door opener via a remote control transmitter whenever you want and all of this while lowering your utility bills. What’s even more amazing is the fact that the battery backup is able to provide power for more than 10 days, depending on the garage door opener model.